It’s likely that you’re qualified to run for office, but you lack communications experience when it comes to representing yourself and your campaign. We’ll coach you on all aspects of communicating with the media and giving speeches. We’ll give you the media training you need to develop your messaging and talking points, and we’ll show you how to work it into every interview. We’ll also help you master the technical skills required to make you an engaging speaker. We’ll fully prepare you to give speeches, guest on podcasts, respond to media inquiries, get interviewed on TV, and participate in debates and forums. Our training includes:

  • Message development and talking points
  • Communicating across the political spectrum
  • Storytelling
  • Technical skills including reduced filler words, vocal variety, hand gestures and body language
  • Including talking points in interview responses
  • Answering gotcha questions when you don’t have all the facts
  • Projecting charisma and power without appearing coercive

Media and communications training includes the following optional activities

  • Video coaching sessions
  • In-person coaching sessions
  • 1 to 1 drills
  • Analysis and feedback on recorded interviews and speeches
  • Speech writing